The basic blackjack strategy is the most important strategy for a player to learn when starting to find an interest in the game of blackjack. Computer simulations of millions of combinations of blackjack hands created the basic strategy; Julian Braun of IBM first carried out this simulation. These computer simulations work out the mathematical probability to improve the players’ advantage against the dealer for every single card combination. Using this strategy can lower the usual 5% house advantage to a mere 0.5%; hence why the game is one of the most profitable games in the casino gaming industry. Note – Playing has the same rules but depending on how many decks of cards are used it can vary. Visit for more information on this.


The rules and combinations should be practiced until the player doesn’t have to think about which decision to make. All of these strategies are based on the players’ cards and the dealers’ first face-up card. All of these statistical charts are available online, if no computer is available then printed versions of these charts are accessible; some even given to players by real casinos.


A player that gains a hard hand should use all of these methods; a hard hand is a hand that does not hold an ace;


The player should hit when their hand is worth a total value of 8 or less.

If the player has a 9 and the dealer has a 3, 4, 5 or 6, they should always double down; without a 9, the player should hit.

When a player has a 10 and the dealer has any card from 2 to 9, the player should double down; if this is not the case, the player should hit.

If the dealer has an ace and the player has an 11, then a hit should be called; if not, double down.

If a player has a 12 and the dealer has a card ranging from 4 to 6, it is advisory to stand; if not, hit.

If a player has any cards with a total of 13 to 16 and then dealer has cards 2 to 6; the player should stand, if not, hit.

Players with any hard hands with a total of 17 to 21, they should always stand.


When a player is has a soft hand; this is a hand that contains an Ace; these are the best strategies to follow;


If the player has an ACE- 8 or 9, they should always stand.

If an ACE- 7 is in the players hand; they should double their bet if the player has cards from 3 to 6; they should stand if the player has the cards 2, 7 or 8; if none of these cards are present; the player should hit.

If the player has an ACE-6, the bet should be doubled if the dealer has any card from 3 to 6; if not, hit.

If the player holds an ACE-4 or 4, the player should double if the dealer has a card of 4, 5 or 6; if not, hit.

When a player has an ACE- 2 or 3, they should double down if the dealer holds a 5 or 6; otherwise, the player should hit.

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